Canoe kayak slalom gates

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The ASMO gate is ICF (International Canoe Federation) approved and will allow you to use it for training as well as for the highest level of competition.

It is distinguished by its translucent stem which allows us to focus our eyes on what matters. 

Made in France, the industrial manufacturing processes of the ASMO door also meet a social and solidarity requirement. 

They chose ASMO

Senior World Championships 2021

Bratislava - Slovakia 
September 21st-26th, 2021

world championship bratislava

World Junior and U23 Championships 2021

Tacen - Slovenia
July 7th - 11th, 2021

worldchampionship tacen

Pole France Nancy

Pole France Nancy

Kanu Park Markkleeberg - Germany

World Cup 2021 #2
September 18th-20th, 2021

Kanu Park

Sort - Spain

Spanish Championships 2021

Sort - Spain

Aquasports Park Pau - France

Aquasports Park Pau

Plugs and brackets undergoing a "crush" test by car on concrete 

unbreakable stem
unbreakable slalom gate

Built to last

Our plugs and brackets are made of extruded polycarbonate tube. Being made "in one piece" allows them to benefit fully from the incredible mechanical properties of polycarbonate. 

Extreme shock resistance: no more changing your plugs at the first impact. Virtually unbreakable under normal use.

"Emotional" athletes, trainers will finally be able to make tracks worthy of your moods! 

ASMO - snow kayak

Resistance to extreme temperatures :
-20ºC to +120ºC

No more twisting in the sun or cold.

Gates to face all conditions!

kayak course al ain

Anti UV

Your gates and brackets will keep their original shine.

Plug adjustment ring

An ASMO innovation

ASMO has developed an adjustment ring that makes it easy to adjust the plugs from the water.

No matter how strong your athletes are or how heavy your plugs are, they will always be well adjusted and well hung!

Plug adjustment ring

Technical zoom

gate fastener


The plug is attached with a stainless steel ring that supports up to 140kg.
No more lost gates during rafting sessions! 

weighted gates

Ballpoint pen 

Instead of a steel bar, the plugs are weighted with balls to prevent damage to the pumps... 

Translucent stem

Translucent stem 

In the 21st century, a slalom gate still requires 5 cables crossing the river... Let's help the spectators to focus on the essential! 

potence porte slalom

Adjustable stem

You can adjust 3 gates widths (120 - 140 -160cm). 

gate number red slalom


Gate number 

ICF recommended format (200 x 200mm)

Printed on dibond plate (Plastic in aluminium sandwich)
Numbers upon demand

Hands-free kit

Hands-free kit

ASMO in partnership with Rheologik, provides labor and equipment for the installation of your slalom pool. 
30 years of slalom experience at the highest level at your service.



No need to run to the stores to buy at exorbitant prices! 
A selection of fittings chosen by us to cover all your needs.

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